Single Bottom

Sub Soiler is used to break the lower impermeable hard pan, which cannot be broken by normal cultivation operations. Successful sub soiling loosens and shatters compact soil layers by creating many cracks and fissures thus allowing roots to develop more freely and water to move down more rapidly. This rather inexpensive implement provides a simple and economical way to obtain good crop yields and profit.

Technical Specifications
(Item Code:GK27)
Tractor Power (HP) 35-50 60-75 75-90
Length 510 mm 550 mm 830 mm
Width 660 mm 1220 mm 1520 mm
1060-1370 mm 1060-1370 mm 1060-1370 mm
Weight 65 Kg (Approx.) 165 Kg (Approx.) 250 Kg (Approx.)