Hydraulic Post Hole Digger Single Part

Hydraulic Post Hole Digger is equipments, which can drill/dig holes of various size and depths in soil. Post Hole Digger is used to make pits of plantation of mangos, coconut, tea, pomegranate, Lemon, Phyllanthus, embolic, sugarcane, solar plants, road light electric pole etc. Tractor PTO of 540 RPM mechanically drives Post Hole Digger. Post Hole Digger consists of a stabilizer system. Which deeps the augur perpendiculars to the ground while in operation and controls swinging of augur while moving from one point to another point. Post Hole Digger Augar end point and the bending blades are made replaceable Post Hole Digger Gearbox, Power Transmission, Shaft and spirals are most important. Heavy duty Tubular Frame Specials steel grade cast cutting tip with semi double fighting. It has heavy duty gear box with output shaft with shear pin protection.

Technical Specifications
(Item Code:GK10)
FRAME Heavy Duty square pipe
HITCH Category 1 & Category II
GEARBOX Compatible with 40 HP and above
FASTENERS High tensile
AUGER LENGTH 2250 mm (as per order)
AUGER SIZES 12", 18", 24", 36"
AUGER BLADE With carbide bits (replaceable)
AUGER POINT Replaceable
APPROX. WEIGHT 370 kg. Hydraulic