Three Disc

Mouldboard Plough can handle the toughest ploughing job with outstanding penetration performance. The under frame and unit-to-unit clearance are adequate to cope with trashy conditions. Perfect alignment of the plough beams carrying the Mould Board bottom is maintained by virtue of the frame construction.

Technical Specifications
(Item Code:GK16)
Size 2 Furrow 3 Furrow 4 Furrow
Power Required (HP) 30-40 55-60 80-90
Frame 80x80x7 mm Box 80x80x7 mm Box 80x80x7 mm Box
Length 1300 mm 1880 mm 2460 mm
Width 738 mm 738 mm 738 mm
Height 1066 mm 1066 mm 1066 mm
Weight 235 Kg (Approx.) 350 Kg (Approx.) 455 Kg (Approx.)