Inter Cultivator Heavy Duty

INTER Cultivator Heavy duty is designed for toughest operations. It is suitable for varying soil conditions. Spring Loaded Tyne assemblies derive their strength from heavy duty angles, which once fixed to the immensely strong main frame cannot move or strain out of position.

Technical Specifications
(Item Code:GK18)
9 Tyne
11 Tyne 13 Tyne
15 Tyne
Power Required (HP) 40-45
50-55 60-65 70-75
Frame 75x50 mm (Channel) 75x50 mm (Channel) 100x50 mm (Channel) 100x50 mm (Channel)
Tynes (50X25mm) Forged (50X25mm) Forged (50X25mm) Forged (50X25mm) Forged
Anchor Pin 22 mm 22 mm 22 mm 22 mm
Length 2000 mm 2457 mm 2914 mm 3371 mm
Weight 290 Kg (Approx.)
350 Kg (Approx.) 410 Kg (Approx.) 490 Kg (Approx.)