C-type Cultivator

C-Type cultivator is more complex in design. It is distinguished by longer frame to facilitate wider spacing of tines. C-type cultivator of this design have distinctive looks as the springs are anchored through twisted flats. Pipe supports on main frame are optional for reinforcing against bending strains.

Technical Specifications
(Item Code:GK19)
9 Tyne 11 Tyne 13 Tyne 15 Tyne
Power Required (HP)
40-45 50-55 60-65 70-75
Frame 75x50 mm (Channel) 75x50 mm (Channel) 75x50 mm (Channel) 75x50 mm (Channel)
Tines 50x19 mm (Forged) 50x19 mm (Forged) 50x19 mm (Forged) 50x19 mm (Forged)
Anchor Pin 25 mm 25 mm 25 mm 25 mm
Length 2010 mm 2470 mm 2925 mm 3361 mm
Weight 213 Kg (Approx.) 262 Kg (Approx.) 313 Kg (Approx.) 358 Kg (Approx.)