Post Hole Digger

Greenking India Company is one of the World's leading manufacturers of post hole digger, which is a tool used to dig narrow holes to install posts, such as for fences and signs and also used in many different places. Greenking India Hole Digger is fastest to dig holes in farm land. Export quality heavy duty multi speed gearbox which ensures high performance even at severe conditions. Parking stand facility available for safe storage and helps to hook up easily in future use.

Greenking India post hole digger uses an impressive one or two lightning design to dig deep into the hardest compact soli in any region. The pit can be made in less than a minutes. Up to depth of 36 inch with well defined circumference and neater pit. Removed soil will be placed around the pit which becomes easy to fill the pit back after plantation or erection work done.

Greenking India Post Hole Digger can dig holes of diameter 9 inch to 24 inch. It has special steel cutting tip which can handle tough conditions. It has heavy duty gear box & shaft with shear bolt for overload protection. It can make hole up to 36" deep. It’s has strong and rigid frame structure ensures long life of machine.

Greenking India post hole digger is equipment to dig pits in agriculture or any other land with less time effort. Low on maintenance & operational cost. Easy to control as mounted on 3 point linkage. Use of power from PTO enables faster operations.