Disc Plough in India

We are producer and supplier of Disc Plough in India, which is shaped and industrial to till tough soil circumstances, these well-organized ploughs have turn out to be the on the whole favoured alternative of farmers’ crossways the world. An option of three functioning angles for the disc and lateral shift on cross shaft facilitates most favourable surroundings beneath tremendous state of relationships. Entity disc Plough scrapers are adaptable to get together any soil order and ensure proper trash coverage. Functioning depth is controlled by tractor hydraulics.


  • We offers Hydraulic Disc Plough in India
  • We offers Heavy discing on tough soils Disc Plough in India
  • We offers Excellent depth of penetration Disc Plough in India


  • Our Disc Plough Power: 35HP
  • Our Disc Plough Material: Iron
  • Our Disc Plough Size: Frame pipe-6"x7mm, frame pipe-4"x7mm