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GREENKING is one of the premium Disc Harrows Manufacturers. Our variety of this Disc Harrow is through up of greater quality substance. Their unbending structure in addition to depth of incursion adapts heavy dishing in hard soils, while item connection to the tractor by means of functioning depth forced hydraulically. The face gang and the rear gang can be enthused right or left, to a highest of two feet in next of kin to the hitch structure. They are uneven in arrangement and are packed in size.

Disc Hallows Manufacturers sizes and structure: our manufacture Disc Hallows is available in a range of 12 and 14 discs of 22" or 24" diameter in two gangs. The balance disc harrow when mounted on a tractor it becomes a compressed unit that can with no trouble be enthused into corners or on small headlands. customers can benefit these for sensible charge.